Filming for an exceptional “Gamestar Special”

Our current production for Gamestar takes us to Poland. No … unfortunately it’s not a portrait about the makers of Witcher- / Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project; until then it’s still a long way. 😉

The film will be released as part of the 250th Gamestar issue and will be online at Gamestar-Plus from July 18th. Until then we cannot reveal much more. And don’t worry: we keep working hard on More info about the release will follow soon.

Our new documentary on Gamestar Plus

After so much time in the vastness of space, we temporarily dive into other fantastic worlds. The traditional RPG developers Piranha Bytes from the Ruhr area have been cult since the Gothic series. We dive into the world and the thoughts of the developers and look behind the scenes of the game “ELEX”, which was honored with the German computer game (audience) award. We produced this filmic portrait for Gamestar-Plus. The film can be found here.