Special(s) for the 250th Gamestar issue

For the occasion of the current milestone edition, Gamestar commissioned us to produce a short documentary about the making of the print editions. Of course, filming took us to the office in Munich and to the printing company in Krakow. It’s an exciting view at the making of the magazine and a  declaration of love to the “printed word”. The documentary can be found on the enclosed booklet DVD and on Gamestar Plus (to the video).

You will also find other clips produced by us for the festive occasion (in German):
Our favorite editions: “That was a big fight – and a successful issue” (to the video, also Gamestar Plus)
Our wishes for the anniversary: ​​”Stay different, dear GameStar” (to the video)
500 issues of GameStar: “Half-Life 3 will go on the cover then” (to the video)

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