My personal indie highlights: Dominic

The Gamescom 2018 is over and with that also our principal photography work of the new Indie Arena Booth film, as well as our work as exhibitors to promote During that time we got to know a whole lot of very interesting people and projects. After some time has passed now to digest all the impressions, I want to present my personal indie game highlights. That list is far away from being complete since there were just too many cool games, but I had to make a choice, which looks like that:


1. Vectronom

Not only because they were our neighbours and were throwing beat after beat at us day after day, I will never forget this game. The principle to move a cube over an obstacle course with the rhythm of the music is as simple as it is addictive.


2. Supermarket Shriek

It gets even simpler with this game, which is best played with two players. A man and a goat sit in a trolley and have to drive through supermarkets with obstacles. One player steers left, the other one steers right, if both players press their button at the same time, the trolley drives forward. Fun is guaranteed!


3. Bad North

For minimalistic strategy players this title will be interesting for sure. Easy to learn, hard to master is Bad North, where you control a maximum of four little armies over a little island to defend it against oncoming enemies.


Also recommendable are the games Flotsam (strategy title with a touch of Waterworld), Everspace (roguelike-space-shooter) and My Child Lebensborn (serious game ensuring goosebumps). As said, there are just too many games to name them all, but this is just a little selection of my personal favorites. If you want to get an impression of all the games of this years Indie Arena Booth, go to this site.

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